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Polish teens

Marketing to Polish teenagers

For many brands, teenagers make up an irreplaceable chunk of their target market. Targeting young people can be a challenge close to home, especially if you’re not used to dealing with teenagers every day. Like what used to be fashionable 6 months ago can quickly become social suicide in the mind of a teenager. So…
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LSP marketing

Marketing in the translation industry – what works?

Marketing is a pretty big buzz word in the translation industry right now, with loads of companies looking to grow their businesses and differentiate themselves in a very saturated market. While it looks like as an industry we’re getting somewhere, it’s still surprising the number of spam that ends up in our inbox. Like seriously,…
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Polish PR

Polish PR – How to Do It In Poland

In today’s digital world, online marketing is something you’re bound to be hearing a lot about. But what about traditional PR? If you’re looking to get noticed in Poland, Polish PR is going to be a very important tool in your marketing toolbox. But does PR work the same way in Poland as it does…
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International SEO: An introduction

Our Guide to International SEO

International SEO: An Introduction The decision to expand your business into new language and regional markets is a big one. In today’s ever growing online marketplace, the potential for reaching new audiences and increasing your consumer base has never been greater. Naturally, one of the first things every company considers is translation and localization of…
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How to speak to Polish consumers through social media marketing Aploq

How to Speak to Polish Consumers Through Social Media Marketing

The world of social media marketing is always evolving and every social media marketer needs to keep abreast of the dynamic trends. Competition is stiff, and companies must personalize their social media campaign by targeting engaging with their consumers. The online market has great potential not only for generating sales but fostering a long lasting…
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Polish brands

Polish Brands Known Around the World

Poland may be known for its natural beauty, architecture, and historical rhetoric, but in today’s global economy, Poland is a developed country with one of the largest growing economies in the European Union with the Warsaw placed Polish Stock Exchange centered as the largest and most significant stock exchange in Central Europe. The Poles enjoy…
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Why Selling to Polish Parents is a Win-Win

Poland is one of Europe’s fastest-growing economies. As salaries continue to rise, disposable incomes increase and now might be a good time to consider marketing to Polish parents. As more Polish people begin to gain access to the internet, it’s a great time to consider marketing to the nation as a whole but more specifically…
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Where Do Poles Shop: E commerce Industry Trends In Poland

The e-commerce industry has drastically changed the way we shop. The gigantic rise of the big players in this industry like Amazon has established the fact that people are now looking to shop online rather than visiting the local stores. In Poland, the sale of goods through digital platforms like mobiles, computers, tablets etc. has…
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How Have Women In Poland Have Become Pioneers In Entrepreneurship

A large number of businesses in Poland are now being owned by women. The percentages are as high as 20% of all small and medium-enterprises and about 19% for sole proprietorship. For a country that was torn apart in WWII, the women have definitely carved a niche for themselves. Many people are astounded by the…
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5 women. 5 countries. The same story.

Equal rights and women in business is a pretty hot topic right now. It’s also something we feel really passionate about. With the EU pay gap between men and women at an average of 16.2% per hour, it’s obvious why there’s a need for international women’s day. But will there still be a need for…
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