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Translation quality management

Ensuring quality: our guide to translation quality management

Our guide to translation quality management Translation quality is something that every single LSP claims to have, and every translation buyer wants to buy. It sounds super simple, doesn’t it! But there’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to translation quality management. So let’s take a look at ways to ensure…
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The Translation Process

The Translation Process   Have you ever wondered what happens when you send a document to be translated?   Back in the day, if you couldn’t understand another tribe, you went to war. For the tribes lucky enough to have a mystic, they could establish communication with another tribe. These days, we have more forms…
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What you need to know when ordering a quality Polish translation

After Poland joined the EU in 2004, many Poles left Poland in search of new adventures. With millions of Poles living abroad, the need for Polish translations is at an all-time high. Many Poles have also returned to Poland. They’ve opened businesses and help foreign companies get a piece of the growing Polish economy, which…
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How to translate the untranslatable

Each language contains some words which are unique and cannot be found in other languages. They reflect the culture and tradition of a particular country and, because of this, they seem interesting to other nations. They remind people of a phenomena that did not receive much attention in one culture but was noticed by another.…
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Translation Quality Metrics

In our previous blog post we wrote about the international quality standards for translation. Today we want to continue the topic and talk about norms and metrics. Let’s find out about LISA! LISA (Localization Industry Standards Association) Quality Assessment Model was created to enable to structure the feedback of reviewers regarding the quality of translations.…
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Industry quality standards – European and American approach

Providing the best possible quality of a final draft is crucial for each professional who works in translation industry. Each translation carries two types of quality – the one carried by the work itself and the other, influenced by the applied procedures. In each case, there are certain rules that have to be taken into…
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Referrals for translation agency

You can never over-estimate the value of referrals for your translation business. How do referrals work? Imagine, as a customer, how do you shop for a wine, or a book, or a baby stroller? Or virtually anything if you want to try/get something new, and the selection is overwhelming? You can make a blind choice and…
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Machine Translation of End User Texts

Very recently I attended the Gala conference in Istanbul. It was an interesting experience and an opportunity to mingle with peers, but that’s kind of obvious. I brought back a stack of business cards, belief that Aploq is going in the right direction, developing at its own pace and orchestrating all new developments in a…
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