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Polish PR – How to Do It In Poland

Polish PR – How to Do It In Poland

Polish PR

In today’s digital world, online marketing is something you’re bound to be hearing a lot about. But what about traditional PR? If you’re looking to get noticed in Poland, Polish PR is going to be a very important tool in your marketing toolbox. But does PR work the same way in Poland as it does in the UK and Ireland? If that’s something you’re curious about, here are some Polish PR strategies that have been proven to work with a Polish audience.

Choose your influencers wisely

When it comes to Poles, we’re very wary of who and what we trust. This is why it’s super important in Polish PR to be really careful about who you choose as an influencer and brand ambassador. People who seem popular in the media may not be popular at all with the public, so make sure a lot of research goes in to who you choose to ensure they’re the right choice for your target audience/publics.

In Polish PR It’s not all about you

One thing many foreign companies get wrong when they dive into the world of Polish PR is assuming that what works in “Eastern Europe” works everywhere. Take talking about your company, for example. In the Czech Republic, Czech consumers are used to brands talking about how great they are, but in Poland, it doesn’t quite work the same way. Poles love helping others and getting involved in charity, so when you start planning your Polish PR strategy, make sure you include plenty of opportunities to get involved with different organisations that make a difference locally.

Tell your story

One thing that’s the same the world over is storytelling. When you’re putting a Polish PR strategy into place, make sure you have a story to sell. People want to hear about your brand, what you stand for, and what makes you you. This will help you build an atmosphere around your brand and get consumers talking about you, and most importantly, staying memorable.

Think outside the box

Some of the most successful PR campaigns in Poland have been slightly unconventional, if not slightly provocative. Try and get your message across by being emotive as possible. It’ll not only help you stand out, it’ll get Poles talking about your brand.. Now, when we mean unconventional, we don’t mean be insulting or rude. We mean have a deep message behind your campaign with the idea of becoming a force for good (e.g. focussing on environmental issues, child poverty, etc.).


So, ready to dive into the world of PR in Poland? If so, get in touch, and we can help you with all things languagey!


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