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Medical translations

Polish medical translation

Wondering what exactly Polish medical translation actually is? Well, it’s the translation of technical, regulatory, clinical or marketing documentation, software or training curriculum for the pharmaceutical, medical device or healthcare industries.

We have a solid professional team dedicated medical translation services – those are experts in chemistry, medicine, pharmaceutical industry, widely understood biomedical sciences, physics & technology.

On a daily basis we provide our clients with translation of a wide range of mediacal content and medical document translation, such as: IFUs, radiotherapy devices and software, medical equipment manuals and specifications, SPC & PIL (use of EMA templates), medical records (hospital discharge summaries, results of various medical examinations, MSDSs, research and scientific publications and many others.

Polish Medical Translations

Translations are a legal requirement

In the medical industry, getting your documentation translated is actually a legal requirement – so if you’re trying to business in Poland you need your documents in Polish.


Our team of trained medical professionals have years experience dealing with Polish medical translations. They’re more than medical professionals, they’re specialists in the area they’ll be translating.


We can handle all of your Polish medical translation needs. We work with pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, manufacturers of medical devices, biotech companies and healthcare managers.


Clinical Protocols
Clinical Trials
CRA Training Materials
Data Sheets
Drug Registration Documentation
Informed Consent Forms
Multimedia Audio and Visual
Package Inserts and Labels
Patient Information
Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO)


Our extensive experience with these industry leaders underscores our commitment to excellence and reliability in medical translations.Here are some of the companies we’ve been helping: Lithium, Biomet, Brainlab and many more

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A few things we’re great at

In medical translation, there is no room for mistakes. Partnering with the world’s largest medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical organizations has honed our quality process, ensuring it adheres strictly to industry standards. At Aploq, we understand the critical importance of precision and accuracy in medical translations, and we are committed to delivering flawless results every time.

Medical Device Translations

The medical device industry is subject to stringent regulations that demand the highest standards of quality and safety. When expanding your products to international markets, navigating these regulations can become even more challenging.

Our team is here to assist you through this complex process, ensuring that your medical translations comply with global standards and regulatory requirements. We are dedicated to helping you create a successful globalization strategy.

As a leading expert in life sciences localization, Aploq is committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations. We excel in managing tight deadlines, addressing complex requirements, and ensuring full regulatory compliance with our specialized knowledge and precision.

Healthcare Translations

At Aploq, we specialize in Healthcare Translations, with a strong emphasis on Polish translations. Our expert linguists have a deep understanding of medical terminology and industry standards, ensuring your medical content is accurately conveyed across language barriers. Whether it’s patient information leaflets, medical reports, or regulatory documents, we guarantee precise and reliable translations tailored to the healthcare sector.

Understanding the critical nature of healthcare communications, we prioritize accuracy and timeliness in every project. By blending advanced technology with human expertise, Aploq delivers high-quality translations quickly and efficiently. Trust Aploq to handle your healthcare translation needs with the utmost professionalism and precision.

Clinical Trial Translations

At Aploq, we specialize in providing expert Clinical Trial Translations, with a particular focus on Polish translations. Our linguists are fluent in over 50 languages, including Polish, and possess in-depth knowledge of medical terminology and regulatory requirements, ensuring accurate and reliable translations for all your clinical trial documents.

We understand the importance of timely and error-free translations in clinical trials. Aploq combines advanced technology with human expertise to deliver fast and high-quality translations.

Trust Aploq for seamless and precise translations, making us the preferred partner for pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations worldwide.

Pharmaceutical Translations

Pharmaceutical organizations seeking to expand globally often face significant challenges when registering their products in foreign markets. Therefore, it is crucial to partner with a translation company that has extensive knowledge and expertise in pharmaceutical translations to ensure your content meets international standards. Our dedicated team is here to navigate you through this intricate process, ensuring your pharmaceutical translations comply with global regulations.

At Aploq, our commitment to quality and accuracy ensures your documentation is fully prepared for the global market. As a leader in life sciences localization, we strive to exceed your expectations by efficiently managing tight deadlines, addressing complex requirements, and maintaining strict regulatory compliance with our specialized expertise and precision.

ISO 17100:2015

Our highly skilled and experienced medical translators combine their specific medical and language knowledge with a mastery of the written word.
We are fully ISO 17100:2015 accredited as a professional translation company with specialized medical translators. As a result, we follow a set of protocols to ensure that our customers receive consistently high-quality service.

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