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Polish History 100 Years Independence

Polish History: 100 Years of Independence

On 11th of November 2018, a proud Poland will celebrate our 100 year anniversary since re-gaining our independence following an incredible 123 years of occupation and division. Polish history is both long and rich in historical relevance, with many considering ours to be a story of incredible endurance and an unending desire for freedom. For…
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machine translation

Machine Translation (MT) Has Forever Changed Translation

Communication is vital in our globalized society today. It’s easy to understand why the translation industry is so fundamental in our ever more connected world. From crucial medical and pharmaceutical translations to day to day running of businesses and even for casual tourists looking for new locales to explore. Efficient and effective translation has never…
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How is AI Really Changing the Translation Industry?

How is AI changing the Translation Industry? There’s no doubt, the ever increasing movement of people around the globe along with the advent of the internet, means that there has never been a greater need for translation in our day to day lives. With necessity comes innovation, and the world of translation is no different.…
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Polish E-Commerce – Where Polish Shop Online

  Since the first e-retail transaction in 1994, e-commerce was destined to change the world and 20 years ago, we never would’ve considered the internet as somewhere to shop. Although, as we’ve adapted our spending habits, many businesses have made the changed too. Online shopping is becoming more and more popular with an estimated 75%…
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Quality Levels and Quality Standards In Polish Translation

Quality in translation is the single most important aspect to the success of our global economy today. Without top quality translations into all languages, the world couldn’t communicate as fluently and instantaneously as, we are now, all, accustomed. Imagine big brand global companies without successful multilingual platforms and advertising? We would never see incredible growth of international…
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Translation industry events of 2018

Getting back into the swing of things after the holiday season is hard, isn’t it? On top of that, we’re sure you’re probably busy planning out your year. That’s why we thought we’d give you a chance to escape into the world of travels and explore which language industry events are coming up this half…
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Happy Translation Day!

Once again, it’s September 30th! The day we celebrate all of those fantastic people out there who spend their time sitting behind computers. We’re not talking about your kids 😛 We want to thank every translator, proofreader, and interpreter. Without your tireless work, the world would be a lot darker and less understandable. Let’s face…
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The Art of Translating Movie Titles

It’s been a few days since the 89th Academy Awards Ceremony was held and the most significant movies of the previous year were awarded with Oscars. The development of technology and globalization made it possible to become familiar with the achievements of cinematography from all over the world. However, whenever a new movie is to…
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Brexit – the future of the English language in Europe

When the inhabitants of the Great Britain voted in favor of leaving the European Union, it turned out that no other EU country has English as their official language. Therefore, after the UK completes the process to leave the European Community, it can lose its status and may not be recognized as one of the…
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