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Month: September 2017

Happy Translation Day!

Once again, it’s September 30th! The day we celebrate all of those fantastic people out there who spend their time sitting behind computers. We’re not talking about your kids 😛 We want to thank every translator, proofreader, and interpreter. Without your tireless work, the world would be a lot darker and less understandable. Let’s face…
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The Translation Process

The Translation Process   Have you ever wondered what happens when you send a document to be translated?   Back in the day, if you couldn’t understand another tribe, you went to war. For the tribes lucky enough to have a mystic, they could establish communication with another tribe. These days, we have more forms…
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Tips for Polish Marketing

Polish marketing – how to get your brand noticed by the UK’s Polish community With almost a million Poles living in the UK, Polish-speaking consumers really aren’t a group to be ignored. Especially as Polish is the second most spoken language in Britain. Lots of companies are looking to get a piece of this Polish…
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