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Translation Quality Metrics

In our previous blog post we wrote about the international quality standards for translation. Today we want to continue the topic and talk about norms and metrics. Let’s find out about LISA! LISA (Localization Industry Standards Association) Quality Assessment Model was created to enable to structure the feedback of reviewers regarding the quality of translations.…
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Industry quality standards – European and American approach

Providing the best possible quality of a final draft is crucial for each professional who works in translation industry. Each translation carries two types of quality – the one carried by the work itself and the other, influenced by the applied procedures. In each case, there are certain rules that have to be taken into…
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Brexit – the future of the English language in Europe

When the inhabitants of the Great Britain voted in favor of leaving the European Union, it turned out that no other EU country has English as their official language. Therefore, after the UK completes the process to leave the European Community, it can lose its status and may not be recognized as one of the…
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Video Content Translation

There are many things I liked about the last ATC conference in London. To be honest I feel  ashamed that in previous years I had avoided this event without recognizing it as such a great opportunity to learn and network. TRENDING NOW One of the most crucial observation that I made and that I would like…
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Referrals for translation agency

You can never over-estimate the value of referrals for your translation business. How do referrals work? Imagine, as a customer, how do you shop for a wine, or a book, or a baby stroller? Or virtually anything if you want to try/get something new, and the selection is overwhelming? You can make a blind choice and…
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Translation agency in technological clash

Last time I wrote it was to boast and warn that we are testing a new software solution. We test it and we did it well. The software was great. It worked smoothly, was logical and intuitive. The interface was modern, clear and friendly. The support was even friendlier. However, it failed to match our…
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Modern solutions for modern translation agency

As every developing company we’ve reached a point where we can no longer pretend simple solutions are just fine for us. 2016 is the year where we go modern. First of all, we’ve rebuilt our website. Now it’s much easier to navigate. The sections are clearly marked, there are new contact tools and we’ve made…
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Happy Holiday from the Aploq Team :-)

Happy Holiday from the Aploq Team!

Translation and Localization Innovation Program in Frankfurt.

A few weeks ago I attended the Translation and Localization Innovation Program and Clinical Trial Innovation Program conference in Frankfurt. It was more of a two-in-one but you could actually only use one…  However I tried to make the best out of it and here I am presenting you with 10 things I learnt: The estimated…
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How to find a language service provider that is good for you?

There are so many translation agencies out there and new ones pop out almost every day. How to choose, if you are a shopping client who one day opens a browser, types in “translation agency” and sees pages and pages of legitimate companies from around the world…? Let’s admit it, most if not all websites…
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