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Growth Hacking Strategies for SME’S

Everyone wants to know the quick solution to achieving fast growth for their business that’s not prohibitively expensive. Of course we do! The world has changed rapidly in the last decade alone, after the first iPhone went on sale in 2007. Now, not only have smartphones replaced landline phones within houses but with the advent…
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How is AI Really Changing the Translation Industry?

How is AI changing the Translation Industry? There’s no doubt, the ever increasing movement of people around the globe along with the advent of the internet, means that there has never been a greater need for translation in our day to day lives. With necessity comes innovation, and the world of translation is no different.…
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Why Selling to Polish Parents is a Win-Win

Poland is one of Europe’s fastest-growing economies. As salaries continue to rise, disposable incomes increase and now might be a good time to consider marketing to Polish parents. As more Polish people begin to gain access to the internet, it’s a great time to consider marketing to the nation as a whole but more specifically…
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Polish E-Commerce – Where Polish Shop Online

  Since the first e-retail transaction in 1994, e-commerce was destined to change the world and 20 years ago, we never would’ve considered the internet as somewhere to shop. Although, as we’ve adapted our spending habits, many businesses have made the changed too. Online shopping is becoming more and more popular with an estimated 75%…
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Quality Levels and Quality Standards In Polish Translation

Quality in translation is the single most important aspect to the success of our global economy today. Without top quality translations into all languages, the world couldn’t communicate as fluently and instantaneously as, we are now, all, accustomed. Imagine big brand global companies without successful multilingual platforms and advertising? We would never see incredible growth of international…
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Where Do Poles Shop: E commerce Industry Trends In Poland

The e-commerce industry has drastically changed the way we shop. The gigantic rise of the big players in this industry like Amazon has established the fact that people are now looking to shop online rather than visiting the local stores. In Poland, the sale of goods through digital platforms like mobiles, computers, tablets etc. has…
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Five Polish Dishes That You Must Try

If you are on a strict diet or looking something with fewer calories than Polish diet is not for you. A traditional Polish meal usually has enough calories to keep you satisfied all day, but once you get past that mental barrier, you will not stop after the first bite. Owing to the extreme weather…
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How Have Women In Poland Have Become Pioneers In Entrepreneurship

A large number of businesses in Poland are now being owned by women. The percentages are as high as 20% of all small and medium-enterprises and about 19% for sole proprietorship. For a country that was torn apart in WWII, the women have definitely carved a niche for themselves. Many people are astounded by the…
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Our XTRF Diary

Earlier this month we made the big move to the world-renowned XTRF, Poland’s own Translation Management System. At the end of March, our system was ready to go, but we thought we’d share our journey with you so you can see how we got on. Friday, 23rd March We got the good news that our…
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Aploq’s guide to GDPR and what it means for our clients

Aploq’s guide to GDPR and what it means for our clients   What is GDPR, and what does it mean? The General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR for short is the EU’s long awaited update of the 1995 directive of the same name. It was announced in April 2016 but won’t come into force until…
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