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translation of instructional videos

Translation of instructional videos

Translation of instructional videos Instructional videos play a huge role in a number of sectors – from online learning to heavy industry. If your company needs to train and educate employees or users in many different countries, instructional videos are the way to go. However, when reaching an international audience, it’s crucial to pay attention…
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gaming localization

The importance of localization in gaming

The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the market, generating billions in annual revenues. However, this would not happen if it were limited to the home market, as the target audience is relatively limited in size. That is why it is so important to translate games into other languages, even if only…
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the role of a ghostwriter in the translation process

The role of a ghostwriter in translation

Ghostwriting is a term that many people still confuse with copywriting, which is understandable but not quite correct. Although both concepts are related to writing text, they are completely different in use and their essence. Moreover, ghostwriting is not always possible or even legal. Ghostwriting is a complicated concept that plays an integral role in…
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Language diversity in Switzerland

How Switzerland’s language diversity affects business communication

Switzerland is a country that, apart from its beautiful landscape, is also remarkable for its multilingualism. This relatively small country has four official languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansh. This linguistic diversity affects all areas of life, including business. Interestingly, the different nuances of language can make business-to-business communication, marketing, or dealing with day-to-day official…
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Easter traditions: Cultural translation issues

Easter traditions around the world: The importance of accurate translation in preserving cultural identity

Easter traditions around the world: The importance of accurate translation in preserving cultural identity Easter is the most important holiday in Christian culture. Interestingly, however, it’s associated with many fascinating traditions and customs characteristic of a certain country or place. Some of them are purely religious in nature, while others are surprising in their unconventional…
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how to get translation quote

How to get a fair translation quote

How to get a fair translation quote You must get a fair and accurate quote for your project if you need translation services. This way, you can accurately budget and plan for the cost of the translation, all while building trust and transparency with your translation provider. But how can you make sure that the…
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The power of translation partnerships

Unlocking global markets: The power of dedicated translation partnerships

Unlocking Global Markets: The Power of Dedicated Translation Partnerships The modern world provides enormous opportunities, and the growth of global trade is one of them. Businesses of all sizes have seen the potential for cross-border expansion, and with that comes the need to engage customers across multiple languages. This is why dedicated translation partnerships are…
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translating manuals

Why machine translation is not enough for translating manuals

Professional translation agencies can be valuable resources for companies and organisations that need to communicate their instructions or guidance in multiple languages. They employ experienced translators who have the expertise to accurately and effectively translate manuals and other technical documents. Unfortunately, many companies are looking for shortcuts and trying to find a cheaper option by…
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Why to choose a professional translation agency

5 reasons to choose a professional translation agency over an online translator

Business is increasingly global and international, but language barriers still pose a hurdle. As such, the need for professional translation services is more important than ever. You may be tempted to use an online translator to translate a document or website in your native language into another language, but they aren’t always the best solution.…
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translator's specialisation

Why is a translator’s specialisation important?

Why is a translator’s specialisation important? When it comes to working with a translator, specialisation is key. Just as you wouldn’t go to a heart surgeon to fix a broken bone, you shouldn’t go to just any translator when you need specialised services. Each type of translation requires its own unique knowledge and skill set…
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