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translators and interpreters during a conflict

The role of translators and interpreters during a conflict

The Russian aggression on Ukraine that started in late February 2022 has dramatically changed the situation in almost all of Europe. And although we all feel that what happens behind the Eastern border is horrible, it raises the question about the role that translators and interpreters play in conflict resolution. And that’s what we would…
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who works in a translation agency

Who works in a translation agency?

Services provided by translation agencies are often associated just with the final result of the whole process – a translated text. These connotations are not wrong, but they lack a few elements. You see, the scope of a professional translation agency’s work is much broader. Such agencies are frequently referred to as LSPs – language…
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dos and don'ts of ordering translations

Dos and don’ts of ordering translations

Just like every other industry, there are basic principles you need to stick to when ordering translations if you’re to obtain high-quality and accurate results. Many companies are not aware of them, and that’s why today, we’re going to explain some of the crucial dos and don’ts and why they’re so vital. There are many…
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