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The Translation Process

The Translation Process

The Translation Process


Have you ever wondered what happens when you send a document to be translated?


Back in the day, if you couldn’t understand another tribe, you went to war. For the tribes lucky enough to have a mystic, they could establish communication with another tribe. These days, we have more forms of communication than we’ve ever had before. From mobiles to computers, tablets, Ye Olden Landline, letters, mailings, magazines, blogs, news, articles, and even how to guides. But if you’re only delivering your content in one language, you’re missing out on a larger segment of the market.

Thankfully if your primary language is English you can be understood by some of the larger markets. Aploq Translations can help you tap into those other language markets!

The UK is home to a population of over 65.6mil. The number of native Polish speaking people in the UK has reached over 1.4 million people as of this year. Research has shown that native Poles are still searching in their native language.

That’s where we want to help! With us, you can reach out to this market!

Aploq is Poland’s leading Polish translator. The moment we receive your translation, we hand it over to our expert team of project managers. They then pass it to our translators and proofreaders. If it’s a graphic, our design department can make your new translation fit into the layout.

Finally, the project manager checks the end product to make sure it meets all of your necessary points and our high standards.

 If you want to see how our process works first hand,

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