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Our XTRF Diary

Earlier this month we made the big move to the world-renowned XTRF, Poland’s own Translation Management System. At the end of March, our system was ready to go, but we thought we’d share our journey with you so you can see how we got on. Friday, 23rd March We got the good news that our…
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Aploq’s guide to GDPR and what it means for our clients

Aploq’s guide to GDPR and what it means for our clients   What is GDPR, and what does it mean? The General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR for short is the EU’s long awaited update of the 1995 directive of the same name. It was announced in April 2016 but won’t come into force until…
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Growth industries of Poland

The growth of industries in Poland When Poland left its communistic era, its economy received the shock of being able to freely raise or lower its prices, as well as all of its semi-state companies overnight losing government funding. But this is the same story for many EU states after the fall of the communist block.…
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Conference Season 2017

Conference season 2017 At the beginning of the year it always seems like it’s ages away – but now, late-November, it seems to have snuck up on us. We’ve been to ATC conference in London, tekom in Germany, plus NTIF in Helsinki. Although the destinations are wonderful, why do we really go there? Making connections…
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What we got up to at tekom

We’ve just got back from a great couple of days at tekom. For those of you who haven’t been there before, it’s one of the biggest events our industry has to offer. Thousands of people attend from all corners of the globe. And the sheer number of exhibitors goes to show just what the conference…
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Our experience at the ATC Summit London

ATC Summit London Having just come back from the ATC Summit in London, we thought we’d share some takeaways with you, just in case you missed it. This year, we wanted to make a splash by sponsoring the Attendees bags! The ATC Summit London is the UK language industry association. Every year, they hold a…
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Translation Mistakes

Translation mistakes   There are plenty of funny Translation Mistakes out there. You can find countless websites dedicated to pictures of funny Asian translations, which although amusing, got us thinking about the real implications bad translations have. They have the power to destroy brands, ruin business, and can even prove fatal in the case of…
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Happy Holiday from the Aploq Team :-)

Happy Holiday from the Aploq Team!

NTIF 2014 – unexpected gains

NTIF 2014 in Helsingor is not over yet. Actually, I’m sitting in the conference room right now, as I blog. The reason is, the presentation is not so hot, so to say. It is too early to sum up the conference, since we are literally in the middle of the event, but I feel I’m…
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