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NTIF 2014 – unexpected gains

NTIF 2014 – unexpected gains

NTIF 2014 in Helsingor is not over yet. Actually, I’m sitting in the conference room right now, as I blog. The reason is, the presentation is not so hot, so to say. It is too early to sum up the conference, since we are literally in the middle of the event, but I feel I’m ready to share some of my insights.

I go to industry conferences for many reasons. I like travelling. I have friends that I meet there. I enjoy good company and the booze is free. I bring leads and projects to the company. I get to know what’s new in the software spectrum. I’m getting a grip of economy of the industry. I get to hear what the clients and competitors are saying. And so on and on.

As I wrote, the presentation is not interesting enough to keep me away from my computer. But I had a few interesting conversations, not necessarily business oriented that gave me an overwhelming feel of excitement that I’m in this business. Sometimes you simply start talking with a random person sitting next to you and you discover you enjoy it extremely, you give each other chills and your eyes get wider and wider that you are so alike. You meet your soul mate.

Well, last night’s dinner brought this kind of experience for me. I woke up happy, inspired, and full of energy and ideas.

Listening to yet another not so exciting presentation I noted down my ideas that will keep me busy and the business flowering (hopefully) for many weeks ahead.

I’m actually sorry it’s Friday, because I want to start working on my ideas as soon as possible.

PS I need to be fair here. Not all the presentations make me check my FB feed every two minutes. Two morning presentations (Asia Online and KantanMT) were great and woke me up. Thanks

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