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Tips for Polish Marketing

Tips for Polish Marketing

Polish marketing – how to get your brand noticed by the UK’s Polish community

With almost a million Poles living in the UK, Polish-speaking consumers really aren’t a group to be ignored. Especially as Polish is the second most spoken language in Britain. Lots of companies are looking to get a piece of this Polish pie, but they’re often not sure how. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips on how to market to Poles in the UK.

Speak Polish

Demographically, 87% of Poles living in the UK are aged between 20 and 39 years old. So, when marketing to your Polish audience, you should make sure that your campaigns are something young people can relate to. Also, getting a professional translation agency (hint hint) on board can really help you. As over 79% of consumers spend time on websites in their native language, having your content in Polish is really going to help Poles engage with what you do.

Take Polish culture into account

Poles really value their culture. And although young Poles who live in the UK are seen as a lot more “relaxed” than their friends who live back in Poland, there are still going to be differences between young Poles and young Brits. Poles are a lot more likely to voice their discontent when something isn’t up to scratch. So, making sure you deliver what you promise is an absolute must. Poles are also very patriotic. Make sure you don’t try and make jokes about things like the church, abortion, homophobia etc., as it won’t go down very well at all.

Build trust

When it comes to Poles, it takes them a while to gain your trust. But it really is something worth investing in, as once you’ve won us over, you’re going to be stuck with us for life ? That’s why when planning your Polish marketing campaigns, don’t hard sell. You should aim for honesty, and create a greater confidence in your products by highlighting their benefits and how they help the user/consumer. Poles also spend most of their time hanging out at venues owned by other Poles, so getting their support and reaching out to Polish influencers could be a great help.

Try some of the UK-based Polish media outlets

If you’re looking for somewhere to advertise, you don’t have to go as far as Poland. If your target audience live in the UK, why not try some of the UK-based Polish media outlets? It’s definitely something to consider, as only 15% of Poles use British media. Some Polish news outlets include Emito, Londynek, Moja Wyspa. You could also try Polish magazines like Polish Express, Panorama, Cooltura, and Goniec Polski.

Be positive

With Brexit looming, the positive contributions Poles make to the UK seem to have been forgotten. If you’re looking to impress your Polish target audience, why not focus on the good they’re doing in the UK? Poles work hard to integrate. They also really value their families and will do all they can to provide for them, which often means having more than 1 job). As Poles contribute more than 4bnGBP to the British economy every year, making Poles feel valuable would really help.

So, if you’re looking for help with anything Polish, get in touch, we’re here for you 🙂