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translator's specialisation

Why is the translator’s specialisation important?

Why is the translator’s specialisation important? A translator’s profession is very often associated only with the foreign language – if one can use it fluently, he or she should be able to transfer any kind of text from the source language into the target language. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Translation demands much more…
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translating manuals

Everything you need to know about translating manuals

Technical translation, along with a medical translation, is by far one of the most complex aspects of a translator’s job. Manual translation is a perfect example of such technical material that requires attention to detail, accuracy, and industry knowledge. In this article, we are going to talk about translating manuals. What do you need to…
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Aploq technical translations

Technical translation: experience required!

Technical translation is an extensive sector within the translation industry and also one of the most demanding and challenging. If you need a high-quality translation, working with an experienced translation agency is your best option. Look for a company that has proven expertise in your industry or niche. Choosing one that has previously undertaken work…
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