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Category: Quality

How to translate the untranslatable

Each language contains some words which are unique and cannot be found in other languages. They reflect the culture and tradition of a particular country and, because of this, they seem interesting to other nations. They remind people of a phenomena that did not receive much attention in one culture but was noticed by another.…
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Translation Quality Metrics

In our previous blog post we wrote about the international quality standards for translation. Today we want to continue the topic and talk about norms and metrics. LISA (Localization Industry Standards Association) Quality Assessment Model was created to enable to structure the feedback of reviewers regarding the quality of translations. Its first version was created…
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Why is it so hard to become a freelance translator?

I read a lot of forums and websites where fresh translators ask how to get started in the business of freelancing. I want to give all of them an honest answear what it looks like on the other side. We are a translation agency. We work for end clients and other LSPs. We do big and…
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