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Video Content Translation

Video Content Translation


There are many things I liked about the last ATC conference in London. To be honest I feel  ashamed that in previous years I had avoided this event without recognizing it as such a great opportunity to learn and network.


One of the most crucial observation that I made and that I would like to share here is how the translation industry is adapting to the globally changing business environment. I’m sure you know that video content is the fastest growing content on the Internet. According to The Guardian, half of small businesses already use it. And in 2017 almost 70% of internet traffic will be video related. Video has one major advantage over text – it conveys true and honest emotions. Already 30% of time spent online is watching video. The numbers will grow, because as some experts estimate 1 minute of video equals to 1,8 M words. We tend to look for more information and expect to learn more in shorter time. Video gives us all that.


Translation of video content is not a new service. Suddenly it became one of the fastest growing in our industry. If you are interested in having your video translated you can choose one (or in fact more) of the below options:

  • Dubbing; the most advanced service where translation will fit into the lip movement of actors (mimics and flaps), will be performed by real actors and recorded in a professional studio.
  • Voice-over; performed by one professional actor/lector and recorded in a professional studio.
  • Subtitling; this is the most often chosen option. It’s by far the cheapest of all and considering the amount of newly developed tools enhancing the job here, it will get even cheaper soon.

As with all translation and localization services, the quality vs price ratio is best when the service is purchased in-country. So if you are interested in increasing your video content open and watch rate, make sure it’s translated into Polish.  Contact us for quotes and inquiries.

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