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The difficulties of legal translations

The difficulties of legal translations

The translation of legal documents is one of the most challenging tasks in the translation industry. It requires both creativity and thorough understanding of legal issues. Hence, there are certain aspects of translation that need to be taken into consideration, whenever one deals with this type of texts.

Potential problems

Being familiar with legal terminology is crucial for every translator who would like to specialize in this field. Moreover, in each case, legal translations require certain adjustments in order to reflect the legal system of a particular country and its culture. However, the main question that stems from this issue is whether translators should also introduce such alterations or whether it should be done by lawyers, who, due to the nature of their profession, will always have more knowledge in this field.

Another important issue is that when translating legal documents, especially the confessions of witnesses, one has to be extremely accurate and translate literally everything. In such cases, even a minor mistake or omission may lead to the misinterpretation of a particular statement and therefore, have significant consequences for legal proceedings.

Due to the difficulties related to legal translation, a translator should have some experience gained by working in this field and a certification issued by an accredited organization. Moreover, he or she needs an access to legal dictionaries and publications to verify and broaden the knowledge.

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