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Definition of quality translation

Definition of quality translation

Quality translation demonstrates required accuracy and fluency for the audience and purpose and complies with all other negotiated specifications, taking into account end-user needs. /Alan Melby/

It’s interesting how long the industry has been trying to come up with a sensible definition of a quality translation. I’m not sure this quest is over but we’re definitely getting somewhere.

In my dream world while selling a translation service to a client we agree on the quality level set according to a universally accepted quality standard. Later we refer to the agreed quality level on all stages of a project including client approval and acceptance. It’s a dream, but dreams do come true.

There are many quality standards for the translation industry. Some of them describe the QA steps to be taken while providing the service (EN 15038), other try to give measurement of end product quality. What we as the industry people actually need is a reference guide for our translators, proofreaders, reviewers, quality managers and most of all clients. I think LISA QA model is the closest one to perfection. The downside here is time and money, of course.

Now imagine there is an automated system that does what a LISA QA reviewer normally does. Would’t that be awesome!

And now imagine that the tool of my dreams is actually on the way! It’s being developed as we speak and as you read it and you are welcome to take a peak here

Get in touch if you want to know more about it.

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