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Website translation

Globalization and the possibility of reaching more customers outside the borders of our country made it almost necessary to have our website translated to foreign languages. Today we are going to give you the tips how to do this properly. How many languages? The more language versions you have on your website, the better. However,…
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Difficulties in Medical Translations

Medical translations can be divided into two categories: information and promotion. Each of them requires a different approach to translation. While the latter require more stylistic polish and need to include the sales message, the former serve information purposes only. Our target audience is another important factor which has a huge impact on the final…
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The difficulties of legal translations

The translation of legal documents is one of the most challenging tasks in the translation industry. It requires both creativity and thorough understanding of legal issues. Hence, there are certain aspects of translation that need to be taken into consideration, whenever one deals with this type of texts. Potential problems Being familiar with legal terminology…
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