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Aploq to Invest into Sophisticated CRM Tools and Boost Sales

Aploq to Invest into Sophisticated CRM Tools and Boost Sales

Investment can clear a way for the company to obtain leading position on the market in the region.
Aploq Translations (Aploq), the emerging leader in translations and language services, announced it could raise additional funding for the new exciting project which involves the use of a sophisticated CRM tools.
Users of CRM applications are moving beyond lower cost sales force and customer service activity as they embrace much more sophisticated functionality to boost their sales and marketing success. The latest CRM applications are evolving with new functionality, including sales effectiveness and enablement, social capabilities, marketing, and web optimisation with trends towards mobile application support.
Jaroslav Razek, the CEO of Aploq Translations stated today: “Once we have secured this additional funding, our organization will catapult to the next level of international translation business. My goal as CEO is to create a foundation of strength and credibility for each shareholder to feel confident in their investment with Aploq Translations.”
Such investment can be used to update the computer-aided translation systems and optimize the quality control process for Aploq’s commercial products as well. From now on translation of more extensive projects, all complicated translations and all other projects translations will be provided faster with additional sophisticated quality control too. It can also accelerate the development of additional services in Aploq’s product line.

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  1. Kasia says:

    Notorycznie ochoczo wracam do tego serwisu. Dziękuję za wyświęcony czas, na stworzenie owego tekstu.

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