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Website translation

Website translation

Globalization and the possibility of reaching more customers outside the borders of our country made it almost necessary to have our website translated to foreign languages. Today we are going to give you the tips how to do this properly.

How many languages?

The more language versions you have on your website, the better. However, such an approach may be very expensive. That is why, you should choose only the languages that would generate the highest profit. There are special tools such as Google Analytics that will enable you to check what nationalities visit your website and adapt it to their needs. In most cases, English version is necessary while other language versions are optional.

Translation. And what else?

When you decide how many language versions you need on your website, you should discuss it with your web developer. Some languages can be implemented easily while other, such as Japanese or Arabic, will require certain modifications. There is also a possibility of creating a website that does not force us to have the same number of texts and categories in each language version. You can limit your website only to essential categories in some language versions and include detailed offer only in the languages that generate the highest profit.

Currently, there are special plugins which enable automatic translation of websites. Even though they can be very useful and are cheap to implement, they cannot replace professional translation services, which take into consideration not only linguistic aspects but marketing and localization as well.

If you are looking for professional translation agency to translate your website, contact us!