Polish DTP – WHAT IS IT?

Short for desk-top publishing, DTP provides technical solutions to all your page layout requirements working with a variety of graphic file formats. By using our Polish DTP services, you’ll get your texts back looking exactly like the original. We use a wide range of DTP tools to ensure the highest quality translations with no technical limitations.

DTP – what is involved?

You provide the file to be translated and specify the format you wish the translation to be delivered in. We review all the details of the order and collect the following files:

  • reference PDF file
  • source file from a particular graphic application
  • fonts
  • graphics

What does “professional DTP” mean?

Our Polish DTP team uses highly sophisticated DTP software and state of the art computer solutions to deliver the highest quality translations in the format specified by our clients. Our aim is to ensure that your translation is not in any way hindered by technical obstacles. We’ll take care of it all!

Our key for providing good translation is precise language, attention to details and keeping deadlines.

Don’t wait any more – contact us and commit us your project.

What documents require Polish DTP ?

Any document may require graphical processing if:

  • it contains charts, screens, tables in an uneditable form (e.g. print screens)
  • it contains large-size maps or blueprints
  • it is to be printed and/or published
  • its graphical elements require modifications



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