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Definition of quality translation

Quality translation demonstrates required accuracy and fluency for the audience and purpose and complies with all other negotiated specifications, taking into account end-user needs. /Alan Melby/ It’s interesting how long the industry has been trying to come up with a sensible definition of a quality translation. I’m not sure this quest is over but we’re…
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Machine Translation of End User Texts

Very recently I attended the Gala conference in Istanbul. It was an interesting experience and an opportunity to mingle with peers, but that’s kind of obvious. I brought back a stack of business cards, belief that Aploq is going in the right direction, developing at its own pace and orchestrating all new developments in a…
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What’s with the communication?

In February the Aploq team has been discussing a lot the communication issues. After all that’s what we do – we help the world communicate over the language barriers, even if it sounds profound 🙂 When I was preparing our communication workshop I came across this video, and I must say I was a little…
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Tekom 2013

Tekom 2013 was a success. As always the event was attended by the major players in our industry and dozens of big, small and smaller LSPs from around a world. For our team it was a nice chance to chat to some of our old friends and clients. We made new friends too 🙂 It…
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Aploq Translations Sets New Industry Standards And Focuses on International Markets

This young and thriving company announced today it continues the market expansion with plans to go international. Polish Aploq Translations (Aploq) announced today that the local market with its signed clients like KEA, Samsung, Sony, Manutan, Cadbury, Motorola, Jysk, Citibank and others has becoming too small for the company’s ambitious plans. Rumors are Aploq is…
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Aploq to Invest into Sophisticated CRM Tools and Boost Sales

Investment can clear a way for the company to obtain leading position on the market in the region. Aploq Translations (Aploq), the emerging leader in translations and language services, announced it could raise additional funding for the new exciting project which involves the use of a sophisticated CRM tools. Users of CRM applications are moving…
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